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Table of Neighborhood Buildings

There was a table of places that did not have neighborhood names. I'd like to fill in some of the neighborhoods.

Think the table was here. Columns were Building, Street, Neighborhood.

Once the table of entries with no neighborhood assigments is filled in, the new option to look at all buildings in specific neighborhoods will be good and perhaps inspire tours.

I see what you mean. Neighborhoods now only lists neighborhoods and not all the pages with a "neighborhood" column.

Check out: Cities. Individual city pages will list properties with a neighborhood column which will show if the property is assigned a neighborhood. Saint Paul is a good example.

Cool! That's the table I was seeking. Makes it easier to find posts that need neighborhoods filled in. Every little bit helps! I'll get started. Thanks Joe! Mdougla 20:49, April 11, 2008 (CDT)

Is Placeography for Minnesota only?

Forgive the stupid question, but is Placeography for Minnesota only?

That is good question, Placeography is open to all, national and international and we welcome submissions from other states and countries. Because Placeography is created by the Minnesota Historical Society that only means it was easier for us to focus on Minnesota places initially. Currently there is a bias towards Minnesota portals, tours and house history resources, again it is hoped as Placeography continues and grows its focus will grow as well and begin to take on a more national and international approach.
Hooverjp 23:19, September 16, 2008 (CDT)

Creating Subcategories Within Tours

I am in the process of developing the "Minnesota Modernism" tour and I would like to divide the list of buildings into subcategories of specific regions. The list of buildings is growing quickly and subcategories would help to organize the large number of entries. Is there a method that would allow me do this task? Thanks.


Currently the buildings are being puIled in through a query with this tag {{Query/tour}} which is used for all tours. I think unique queries could be done written for the page putting the buildings in to regions. I have added three queries pulling in different data depending what is asked. Minnesota Modernism Tour
Hooverjp 19:52, September 26, 2008 (CDT)

Haunted Places?

I suppose there's not time to ask if anyone knows of Haunted Places... (other than the Haunted House at the State Fair) maybe next year? Mdougla 10:22, October 31, 2008 (CDT) mdougla

I think the Griggs Mansion at 476 Summit Avenue has the reputation of being the most haunted house in St. Paul, I think there are several books on the subject of Haunted places in Minnesota as well.
--Hooverjp 05:31, December 18, 2008 (UTC)

Fictional towns in Minnesota literature

Hello. I happened across your listing of the fictional towns in Minnesota novels and their real town counterparts. That is so cool! I was glad to be included (I am the author of TORCH) and I wanted to add some details to the listing. You are right to list my fictional Midden as the real McGregor, MN and also to cross reference it to Moose Lake. I grew up twenty miles from each of those towns and drew on them while writing TORCH. But I also took many liberties, so neither correlates directly. I also mention another town many times in the novel: Blue Lake, which is the real Aitkin, MN. I also use a fictional name for Aitkin County. In my book it's Coltrap County. Anyway, what fun listing. Thanks! Cheryl Strayed

Hi Cheryl,
Patrick says he can make the changes to Pseudonymous Minnesota but since this is a wiki feel free to make changes yourself. BTW: He says "THANKS!"
--Hooverjp 13:52, April 21, 2009 (UTC) _Joe

Samuel Karr House, Madison County KY

Do you have the street address of this house? Samuel Karr is my fourth greatgrandfather. I find it interesting that the house is also referred to as the Gentry House and my name is Gentry Karr and Samuel's family moved to Gentry County MO in 1861. My mother claims my name has nothing to do with the Karr family it was the middle name of a family friend.

Thanks Gentry D. Karr

New Countries and Cities

I have tried to enter the place in Prague, Czech republic, but to no avail :-(

Hello Gorn

Welcome to Placeography

Joe Hoover, who is the administrator of Placeography may have to create an entry for your country and city. I will ask him about that.

Do you have a photo of your apartment building...why is this place special to you? Let us know!

How are projects created?

I would like to start a project page to showcase our archaeological research in the Hamline neighborhood. I plan to model this page after the Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Project. I am excited about getting our results into Placeography. --Brian Hoffman (Hamline University)

Deleting a page/photo?

I am now worried about the thieves that have been stealing from houses, and I'd like to delete a photo that I uploaded. I cannot find the procedure... can you help?

Your photo has been deleted. Hooverjp 16:34, November 15, 2010 (UTC)


I have a question regarding copyright infringement. I would like very much to add the text of a newspaper column that was published about the subject of my wiki here (Nelson Bros. Grocers, 1020 Payne Ave., St. Paul, MN). It's a lovely tribute written by "Oliver Towne" (AKA Gareth Hiebert) and published in the St. Paul newspaper in 1970, when the store finally closed. Is there any way I can share the text of this article here on Placeography without violating copyright law? Thanks for any advice you can give,

Threse McCarten AKA "auntiesmedley"