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Placeography is a collaborative wiki.. Anybody can contribute to it and edit it. Placeography is grass roots, crowd sourced, individual contributor, hands on history. This is the "place" to share what you have discovered, researched, remembered and photographed about the places that matter to you and to all of us. You do not need a PhD or other degrees or credentials to contribute to Placeography. Your work will not be judged and you will not be veted or curated. This is a wiki, so others may edit your work. History is not an absolute, there is no single authority, what one person insists is 100% accurate and correct, another may dispute. Memory and the story and facts can vary. This is the People's History not history deemed worthy and scholarly by the ivory tower. We do not exclude. We include. All are welcome here.

Wiki Rules of Conduct

Contributors and editors must register to create or edit content. We prefer that you use your real name, but may make a few exceptions. An email address must be provided and it will be verified.

Contributors are strongly encouraged to cite their sources.

You do not need not be the present or former owners or residents of the place to write about it here.

We respect the privacy of current property owners. Owners are welcome to include their names on wiki entries, but others should not include current owner names, especially of private homes, without the permission of the owners. If a current owner requests that information about them be removed, it will be removed.

The wiki will not be used to promote properties for sale or rent, nor is it to be used to offer property-related services. But it may be in the future if we need cash to survive.

Negative judgments about properties, owners, occupants, or firms involved in building or remodeling can make them mad. Good! We welcome comments regarding anyone who damages or destroys a place that matters to you and to all of us. The destruction of our heritage can and will be challenged here.

Contributors are welcome to include photographs they created and should include a credit with their name as photographer. For images from other sources get permission if possible, but if not, upload it and credit the source if you can.

Some buildings and sites on this wiki are part of the National Register of Historic Properties. Hooray! If only national or local historic designation prevented historic properties from being remuddled or wrecked. It does not.