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This page is a complete listing of all featured project front-page entries at Placeography, in reverse chronological order. Note that these are not the complete articles, and are not updated over time.

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Pseudonymous Minnesota
Coleman's Pseudonymous Minnesota: The Real Models for Fictional Minnesota Places. Some of these disguises are fairly pedestrian, such as William McNally's "Capitol City" for St. Paul, but others are wonderfully creative, such as Sinclair Lewis's "Northernapolis" for Duluth.


The Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Project is a five-day community event centered on excavation of a local, historic archaeological site in the Elliot Park neighborhood. For the fifth year in a row, archaeologists, students and community members have worked together on exploring the history that lies buried beneath our feet. This year's project was at 722-724 East 17th Street and was a great success with over 30 volunteers and 5 pits dug and numerous artifacts found!

Even though this years dig is complete, planning is in place for 2009's dig. For more information getting involved in future digs, please contact Kent Bakken at or Patricia Emerson at 612-725-2410.

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While not nearly as sexy as as their Victorian cousins, these houses built by early Minnesota settlers from the days when Minnesota was a territory and a young state are as historical if not even more so. These were houses built while most of Minnesota was still wilderness and finding skilled labor was difficult if not impossible, where sometimes if you wanted a shelter you had to build it yourself.

Help find and document the remaining pioneer houses built from before the end of the Civil War (1865).

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This project is part of the Minnesota Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Right on Lake Street


“Right on Lake Street" is a collaborative exhibit developed by the Minnesota Historical Society and Macalester College, with design work provided by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre.

Share a story or memory about a place along Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota at Right on Lake Street.