Central, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Central, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States

Central neighborhood is named after Minneapolis Central High School, one of the city’s largest schools, built in 1878 and eventually razed. The neighborhood is bordered by Lake Street on the north and 38th Street on the south. Interstate 35W is the western extent and Chicago Avenue is the eastern extent. This is a residential neighborhood, where single-family dwellings are interspersed with multifamily low-rise buildings.

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Buildings in Central, Minneapolis, Minnesota

310 East 38th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota310East 38thStreet
Andrew H. Adams House, 3107 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1072ndAvenueS
Andrew J. Hart House, 3217 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,217ParkAvenue
Anton M. Dyste House, 3124 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,124ParkAvenue
Arthur E. Holbrook House, 3124 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1243rdAvenueS
Bennett-McBride House, 3116 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1163rdAvenueS
Charles H. Perry House, 3115 Clinton Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,115ClintonAvenue
Charles Johnson House, 3201 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,201ParkAvenue
Daniel Evans House, 3200 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,200ParkAvenue
Dr. Julius Johnson House, 3421 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,421ParkAvenue
Dr. Rufus H. Lane House, 3101 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1012ndAvenueS
Edmund G. Babbidge House, 3120 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1203rdAvenueS
George F. Bates House, 3139 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1392ndAvenueS
George J. Reed House, 3416-18 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,416ParkAvenue
H. A. Murphy House, 3119 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1192ndAvenueS
Harry B. Cramer House, 3220 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,220ParkAvenue
Healy-Forbes House, 3137 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1372ndAvenueS
Healy-Rea House, 3131 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1312ndAvenueS
Henry Willis House, 3131 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,131ParkAvenue
Herman Mueller House, 3228 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,228ParkAvenue
J. B. Hudson (Josiah Bell Hudson) House, 3127 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1272ndAvenueS
James J. Frankman House, 3310 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,310ParkAvenue
John Broom House, 3111 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1112ndAvenueS
John Friedman House, 3338 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,338ParkAvenue
John Schurch House, 3649 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,649ParkAvenue
Levi C. Robinson House, 3121 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,121ParkAvenue
Luellel Seward House, 3301 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,301ParkAvenue
Minnesota Spokesman Recorder, 3744 4th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,7444thStreetS
Ole Olson House, 3128 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,128ParkAvenue
Pauline Fjelde House, 3009 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,009ParkAvenueS
Reinhold Zeglin House, 3621 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,621ParkAvenue
Samuel Glading House, 3624 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,624ParkAvenue
T.P. Healy House, 3115 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1152ndAvenueS
Thomas Hanson House, 3120 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,120ParkAvenue
William L. Sumner House, 3145 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1452ndAvenueS
William M. Regan House, 3123 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,1232ndAvenueS
William O. Clark House, 3342 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota3,342ParkAvenue

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