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Create a page title for your structure

A Structure is any structure, created by people that is NOT occupied by people such as a bridge, water tower, monument, etc...

This is, of course subjective and can have gray areas, some bridges have houses on them, some water towers are occupied buildings, etc...

Ready? Go ahead and create your page title or read instructions below

How you title your page it VERY important!
The title of your page will become the name/URL of the page. Correctly titling the page will save work later having to rename/move and relink to the page. Please follow this example and guidelines:

High Bridge, Smith Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • If the structure has a name, start with that otherwise start with the address (if the structure has one)
  • Add the city or location, then the state or province (do not add country in the title)
  • No abbreviations. Spell out everything. (Saint, Street, Minnesota etc...)
  • Don't forget commas ","

Special Considerations

  • Use the numeric version of the street name rather than the spelled out version Ex: Use 382 42nd Street, rather than 382 Forty-second Street
  • If you are adding a business in a building use this form instead
  • If the structure was destroyed or demolished add the dates if known using the following format:

High Bridge, Smith Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota (1883-1982)
High Bridge, Smith Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Razed)