1407 Fremont Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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John W. Pauly House

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1407 Fremont Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN. ca 2010
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1407 Fremont Ave N.; date unknown.
Address: 1407 Fremont Avenue N
Neighborhood/s: Old Highland, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Near North, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1901
Primary Style: Prairie School
Secondary Style: Colonial Revival
Major Alterations: Intact
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Builder: K Graves
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Wood
Material of Roof: Asphalt Shingles
Material of Foundation: Limestone
Building Permit Number: B47847
First Owner: John W. Pauly

Property Description: 2.5 stories, asymmetrical main façade; low-pitched, hipped roof; boxed eaves with decorative brackets underneath; dentil work at cornice line of second story and porch; one-story, full-width porch; second-story bay window; two-story vernacular Doric Pilasters on the north, west, south, and east corners of house.

South façade features 2 story bay.

Memories and stories

Photo Gallery

Tdlindberg--1407 Fremont Ave N - Mary Trainor's - Senator Pauly.jpg

Photo taken on porch of 1407 Fremont Ave N.; Senator Pauly (left of photo) was original owner of 1407 Fremont Ave N.

Tdlindberg--A.M. Nordstrom & Carrie Pauly - June 14, 1952.jpg

A.M. Nordstrom and Carrie Pauly, June 14th, 1952. Mr. Nordstrom resided at 1401 Fremont Ave. N, Ms. Pauly resided at 1407 Fremont Ave. N.

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