123 W Main St, Clarksburg, West Virginia (1807-2009)

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Stealey-Goff-Vance House

Oldest West Virginia Brick Home West of the Allegeheny Mountains
Address: 123 Main Street W
Neighborhood/s: historic, Clarksburg, West Virginia
Clarksburg, West Virginia
Harrison County, West Virginia
State/province: West Virginia
Country: United States
Year built: 1807
Major Alterations: Intact
Historic Function: Museum
Current Function: Museum
Builder: Jacob Stealey
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Material of Roof: Tin
First Owner: Jacob Stealey

By 1804 Jacob Stealey was so successful as a tanner of hides and a retailer of leather that he looked about him for a site to build a fine home. Lot No. 3 on West Main Street in Clarksburg appealed to him because it lay high enough above Elk Creek that chance of flooding was slight and the back of the lot joined the tanyard lot.He may have started to gather materials for the house he would build as early as 1804 since one source states that his son John helped “carry bricks” for the new house when he was 12 years old. Whenever it was, the deed for four lots, land on which the brick house arose, was not recorded until Aug. 20, 1807, when George and Elizabeth Jackson sold to Jacob Stealey for $709 land on the “south side of Main Street to a lot the said Jackson formerly sold to said Stealey called the Tan Yard.”

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